Step Ahead Staffing is a Female Black empowered, Boutique Human Capital Solutions organisation. Specialists in Recruitment & Placement of People with Disabilities and Non Disabled Persons. Our business was established in 2006 and currently operates in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. We pride ourselves in providing holistic human resource solutions that enhance your workforce planning and improve on your organisation’s strategic intent.


Acquiring and retaining high quality talent is critical to an organisation’s success. As the job market becomes increasingly competitive and available skills become more scarce recruiters need to become more selective in their choices since poor recruiting decisions can produce long term negative effects.

Resulting negative effects can result in high training and development costs to minimise the incidents of poor performance and high staff turnover, which in turn impact staff morale, the production of high quality goods, the delivery of services excellence and the retention of organisational memory and other intellectual property. At worst a bad recruitment decision can contribute to an organisation’s failure in achieving its corporate objectives even so result in further loss of its competitive edge and market share.