Ensuring that we obtain thorough briefs from clients which incorporate all the necessary requirements i.e. team dynamics, qualifications, experience, job specification etc.
Our applicants are sourced through various methods:
We maintain an extensive resource database which is continually updated and constantly growing. This allows us to search for the most suitable applicants to match the available position, generally within the shortest possible time.
We leverage diverse networks to find you the most suitable candidate. We may network with other SMME reputable agencies to have access to a more diverse database of applicants.
Advertising services such as the internet and print media are sometimes used to maximise the range of exceptional applicants.
Executive Search has proven to be one of our successful methods.
All applicants are carefully screened i.e. they undergo in-depth competency based interviews that
ensure a fair selection process.

In preparing the C.V.’s all original information from the candidate C.V is used to ensure we in no way embellish or misrepresent them to our clients.
After obtaining the applicants’ consent, we reference each candidate by validating the referee and then asking a series of questions to confirm the accuracy of all the information gathered from the interview, CV and Step Ahead Staffing Questionnaires. Two (2) detailed references will be proved once interviews have been conducted. A Credit Check Report and Criminal Check Report is dependant on inherent requirements.
After all interviews are conducted a shortlist of two to three potential applicants are presented.
We require that the client acknowledge receipt and discuss the merits of the information submitted within forty-eight (48) hours or as mutually agreed. We believe it is important that we keep our candidates informed of the recruitment process and ask that you assist us in keeping our commitment to the applicants.
Should you indicate an interest in a candidate Step Ahead Staffing will co-ordinate all meetings and act as a facilitator throughout the interview process.